Richfox Capital



The idea is born, the first team and strategy assembled

Jan 2014

Richfox Capital is created, registered with the Czech National Bank

Mar 2014

First members of our investing family signed up

Apr 2014

The first strategy “Value” rolled out, our pride ever since

Nov 2014

First doubts as model heavily loading European assets when everyone else is dropping them

Jan 2015

Jeremy Wilkinson-Smith joins the team as a Trader

Feb 2015

First large gains, celebrations as the model has proven itself

Mar 2015

The second strategy “Active” rolled out as an uncorrelated, discretionary counterpart to Value

Mar 2015

The first foreign national joins the family

Jun 2015

Sailing through the Greek Crisis with ease, shorting China 2 days from top.
Double digit gains for both strategies that quarter

Oct 2015

Sailing through the Chinese Crisis with ease

Nov 2015

Drago Indjic joins the team as the Head of Strategy

Dec 2015

Ending 2015 with high double digit returns on both strategies

Feb 2016

First losses due to the global growth worries drop

Feb 2016

The first Olympic athlete joins the family

Apr 2016

Martin Stefanik joins the team as the Head of Risk & Market Modelling

Jun 2016

Sailing through Brexit with ease

Nov 2016

Value shining through the US presidential election

Dec 2016

Caslav Miladinovic joins the team as the Head Trader

Jan 2017

Alexander Passow joins the team as a contractual Quantitative Strategist

Sep 2017

Setting up Richfox Capital Investment Management, B.V. in the Netherlands
to satisfy institutional demand and optimise operations