Richfox Capital

Beating the odds

Loving the journey

In early 2013, we started building Richfox with a strong vision, a passion for finance and with very little AUM comprised mostly of our own savings, as the first pioneers in quantitative investing in the region. There were many voices eagerly forecasting our inevitable demise. You are too small, too young and too fragile, they said.

Only a few understood that we started small not because we necessarily had to, but because we felt it to be intellectually and morally honest to prove the concept on our own savings before risking capital of anyone else, and because we treasured our independence that enabled us to pursue benefit of all our investors alike. We smiled and kept working hard.

And here we are, almost four years later, bigger and stronger than ever. Along the road, we delivered performance comparable to the world’s best, built strong partnerships and established a great family of happy investors. We still very much love our journey and we take great pride in uniting exceptional minds under the common banner of building the better world of finance.

From time to time, we still hear those voices. You are too alternative, too difficult to understand, too outlandish, doomed to fail in the end, they say. We smile and keep working hard.