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Our dynamic portfolio

Active is a combination of a levered long-short, market neutral equity strategy and a discretionary macro and event driven trading covering the space of G10 rates, FX, volatility, credit and equity indices using both the traditional spot instruments as well as different option structures and futures. The combined strategy is by construction largely uncorrelated to the overall equity market as well to our flagship strategy, Value.

Active is ideal for investors who are willing to accept higher short-term volatility to allow Active not only to outperform on the risk-adjusted basis, but also to allow for larger absolute return potential. As a complement to Value, Active also represents an excellent tool to tailor the investment into Richfox to investors’ individual risk profiles.

Performance (EUR)*

Mar 2015-Jan 2017
-2.14%5.82%5.38%ActiveMSCI WorldBarclay HF Index

* Includes performance of the strategy under Richfox Capital, before inception of the fund

Assets FX, Futures, Equities, Options
Timeframe Short/Mid/Long term (1 year+)
Main characteristics Discretionary
Short-term focus