Richfox Capital

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Partnering with the best

For the fund, we have secured partnership with some of the best service providers available in the region. Consider for yourselves:




Owner:Stichting Richfox Capital Trinity Fund (100%)
Regulator authority:Dutch Law, DNB, AFM
Regulatory framework:AIF under “light regime” in accordance with article 2:65 of the Act on financial supervision (Wet op het financieel toezicht)
Minimum Investment:40.000 EUR (lower in special cases)
Liquidity:Monthly redemptions on prior
notice, no lock-ups
Favourable tax treatment:0% tax the fund level
0% tax for the non-residents of the Netherlands your local taxation may apply depending on your domicile


Entry Fee:3% (can be waived)
Management Fee:0.8% p.a.
SPs Fee: 8 basis points (0.08%) or min. 17.500 EUR p.a.
Performance Fee:15% p.a.
Exit Fee:2% - 0-3 years
1% - 3-5 years
0% - 5+ years